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Press Release
of May 1999

New Technologies Pave Way For Small Businesses To Target Local Consumers

Los Angeles (May 5, 1999) -- In the past, the only way to advertise on television was to do so nationally on network stations, and this was too expensive for all but the largest companies. However, over the last 10 years, the emergence of cable television along with lower production costs have enabled small businesses to advertise within a local geographic region—making it affordable for any small business, including dentists, real estate agents, and local jewelry stores, to place commercials on the air.

"The businesses that I have worked with cannot thank me enough," said David Notowitz, President of Notowitz Productions. "They hated the fact that they had to sit on the sidelines and watch as their large corporate competitors monopolized the airwaves. Now they are thrilled that they have a chance to get their products and services in front of the public."

Notowitz Productions of Los Angeles is one marketing company that is experienced in creating and placing commercials for businesses. Notowitz explains, "We’re seeing your local medium size business, one that spends 10 to 30 thousand a year in marketing, come to us for cable television advertising. They realize how powerfully television advertising can touch emotions and bring new clients to their door."

Just how much more affordable are commercials now than in the past? Just 10 years ago, a minimum of $50,000 had to be spent to create a commercial. In addition to the production costs, the price for national air time on the big 3 networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) started in the tens of thousands of dollars per 30 second commercial. New technology has lowered money needed for both production and air time. New and inexpensive digital video cameras developed in the last 3 years produce the visual quality necessary for airing, removing the need to shoot a spot on film. This drastically lowers the cost of a commercial. For as little as $3500 to $6000, a business can hire a commercial production company that will produce an advertisement that is professional and effective. And to purchase air time can be as little as $15 to $25 for each 30 second spot.

A business can choose the region in which to air commercials -- for example, a business owner in the Los Angeles area can choose to air spots in West L.A., Hollywood, or part of the San Fernando Valley. The commercial is shown only in the targeted area where the client wishes -- an average region in a big city reaches about 90,000 cable homes. For example, in Northern California’s Bay Area there are 24 separate regions, and in the greater Los Angeles region there are about 45 regions. A business can insert advertising into many channels including CNN, Discovery, E!, ESPN, Lifetime, USA and many others. The right marketing company will assist the client in determining which regions and channels to target.

One of the businesses capitalizing on this trend is Numis International, an estate jewelry and collateral loan broker located in Millbrae, California. They began advertising on cable back in 1992, when the technology was first available, but few businesses were utilizing it. Manager, Joe Wargo, says that Numis’ business tripled in 10 months: "It was amazing. People were coming in everyday because of those commercials. Thank God we ran the ads. We have made new ads with Notowitz Productions every two years or so, and we still run some of the ads created for us back then." When asked about the process of taping the spot, Wargo replied, "Before I worked with Dave (Notowitz), I worked with two other companies. The results were too general and frankly, boring. When I met with Dave, he spent a lot of time getting to know our store and its culture. Because of this I was confident that our new campaign would be successful."

Notowitz agrees, "In order to make a successful campaign, I must understand the business’s personality and its customers to be sure the ads are targeted at the right people." Numis International was Notowitz Productions’ first commercial client, and they continue to be their client to this day.

Will this deal be here forever?

Cable is more popular with audiences than ever before. A recent industry study shows that the big four networks -- ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC -- now receive less than 50% of total television viewership. People are tuning in to cable and watching networks such as A&E, CNN, Discovery, and ESPN to name a few.

Prices to place cable ads have begun to rise as demand for local airtime is rising across the country. Some areas have less expensive airtime than others. You can buy a 30 second spot on the USA network in Northern California’s Bay Area for $60 while the same ad placed in West Los Angeles, reaching the same number of homes, would cost you only $25.

Jason Gounaropoulos, senior account executive with TCI Media Services in Northern California says that Notowitz was there on the frontlines before most. "We provide Mr. Notowitz with survey information, and we work together with him to build targeted, sensible, and effective T.V. campaigns. His clients have been very, very happy, to say the least. In the end, it’s the results that count!"

The demand for ad time has risen dramatically in the last few years--especially in the Bay Area. "A booming economy coupled with the immense choice of networks airing quality programming have contributed to cable T.V.’s success," says Gounaropoulos.

"It’s crucial you find the right producer and ad agency who knows how to use marketing techniques to turn your product or service into a compelling 30 second story. They need to focus your ad on the right audience and place it on the air at the right time to be the most efficient with your marketing funds and maximize your results."

Notowitz Productions is an integrated marketing firm in Southern California. They have revolutionized the commercial production industry by using state-of-the-art digital production equipment along with personal attention to their clients to produce successful advertising campaigns at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. They can be reached at 310-203-4721 and at http://www.notowitz.com.

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