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Wonderful wedding videos captured by professional wedding videographer in Los Angeles, CaliforniaI love weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and family events! This is real life, and you don't get a second chance to get it on video! Words of love from grandma... your uncle's healthy, strong hug... a kiss on the cheek and a quick word of advice from your dad... a laugh shared as you cut your cake... These are priceless moments, and you want confidence your videographer will expertly capture these memories.

Below is a short list of questions that our wedding and event clients most frequently ask us.
Your wedding video in Los Angeles, memories preserved by a professional wedding and family event videographer
If you have questions not answered here, call me anytime, at 310-203-4721 or click us. Ask for me personally.

Our goal is always this: to give you the best service, attention, and final digital video memory that you can find anywhere -- a final product so beautiful, emotionally moving, and real that the next time you hear about your friend's wedding, birthday celebration, bar mitzvah, or other family event, you, as their good friend, will feel you MUST tell them to call us.

All the best,
David Notowitz,
Notowitz Video Productions
Southern California weddings and marriages and love captured forever on video by a professional wedding videographer in Los Angeles
  1. What packages do you offer?

  2. What equipment do you use?

  3. What is your creative style? What makes you different from all the other videographers?

  4. What specifically is your professional experience?

  5. Do you have a backup video camera on hand in case of technical problems with your main camera?

  6. How long will it take to get my final video from you?

  7. Can you shoot in HD High Definition?

  8. I've been to weddings where the videographer becomes the center of attention. I hate that. Will you be intrusive and distracting?

  9. My uncle volunteered to run a video camera for free. What's wrong with that?

  10. How will your videographers come dressed?

What packages do you offer?
Los Angeles Jewish wedding video, weddings by professional wedding videographer in Southern California and beyond.  Cinematic and artistic documentary style video productions

Every wedding video project is catered to our clients' needs. What do you want captured as a memory of your dream day?

We will help you understand and consider the options and give you suggestions based on your event and your budget. How many hours do you want us there? Do you want a fully-edited package and 10 DVD copies of the final? Does your situation require 2 cameras or is one perfectly fine? Do you want a 5 minute highlight segment? Or maybe a 15 minute highlight? You want your wedding video streamed online? How about shooting in high definition and delivery in Blu-ray? You get the picture. We’ll cater to your needs. Give us a call. We don’t expect our clients to fit into one of three packages. We’ll discuss these issues and give you a precise quote. Our clients usually find it most efficient to meet in person.

What kind of equipment do you use?
All our productions use only the most up-to-date HD (high definition) high-sensitivity digital video cameras, pro digital video editing equipment, and wireless microphones that capture the best possible sound. It also means we often shoot without any lights. Bottom line is, who is BEHIND the camera. Almost anyone can pick up a paintbrush, dip it into a color and place it on white paper; but how many can hold that brush to paint something worth looking at?

What is your creative style? What makes you different from all the other wedding videographers?
You’re asking how will I make your event more special than any other videographer. You have to see our samples and make that decision yourself.

You need to watch some of our samples and make your own decision. Can you see the difference? I know we shoot and edit with a unique style. I've been shooting video since 1985, and I know what's out there. I've seen all kinds of wedding videos, and never have I seen something similar to what we do. Our shooting and editing experience is unmatched (including winning one Emmy and being nominated for two others -- see Awards). The skills gained in those projects translate perfectly to making your video unique -- filled with beautiful memories, passion, and a unique vision for capturing the details and beauty of the human wedding experience that are often lost.

The most sensitive and trained videographers will be with you on your wedding day. One of our cameraman has shot a number of reality TV shows; another shoots the Emmies and Grammies every year; another shoots feature films around the world and music videos for MTV. We bring in these videographers, already world-class shooters, and run them through a specialized training program in our studio. Only then are they ready to go into a wedding.

Our training reinforces the importance of how to:

Our presence has always been a welcome addition to our clients' celebrations, allowing you to enjoy your day!

You will feel the video is real, that it captured the essence of the day and the essence of your friends and family. Your final product will tell a story -- have a beginning, middle, and end. Your product will be beautiful and be the talk of your family and friends for years to come. You will be so happy with your video and our integrity that you will be recommending us to all your friends.

Even though we've been shooting events since 1985, that doesn't mean I'm unable to accept suggestions. I invite your suggestions. Let me know your concerns, let's talk about what is important to you about your day, and I'll make sure to listen and fulfill.

Come in, see a recent sample video of our work, and be wowed.
Here are comments from past clients. Yes, I would be happy to put you in touch with any past clients.

What specifically is your professional experience?
In addition to our wedding and bar mitzvah video productions since 1985, I’ve also created award-winning documentaries that played around the world in movie theaters, on television, on radio, and on the web. We’ve shot and produced commercials and created videos for corporations including Fox Television, GM, and IBM. Please peruse the list of our largest corporate clients or my list of past corporate projects for specific details of past corporate work. That experience translates into much better final results for you!

Do you have a backup video camera on hand in case of technical problems with your main camera?
Technology by its nature is unreliable. We keep our equipment cleaned and serviced on a regular basis, and we frequently replace our video cameras with new models just to be sure. We have a duplicate backup camera with us and have NEVER needed to use it. Update: For the first time ever, on November 9th, 2002, we used our backup video camera when our main camera ceased functioning. We smoothly took out our backup and continued shooting. The client will never know, because we missed nothing of their celebration. Because of our concern and care, to date we have NEVER HAD MAJOR TECHNICAL PROBLEMS WITH ANY OF OUR SHOOTS. And we've not needed to use the backup camera since that one time on November 9th, 2002.

By the way, below is a still from a recent HD wedding video. The high resolution from the video is amazing, and it has been compressed more than half of the original!

How long will it take to get my final video from you?
Assuming we have everything we need from you, we complete our edit and burn the DVD for your approval within 12 weeks. My competitors will often take 8 months, a year, or even much longer! I know because their clients call me with horror stories, to ask me to edit their videos when my competitors go out of business. I learned from my competitors what NOT TO DO.

Can you shoot in HD High-Definition video?
Yes, all of our weddings are now shot in HD. Also, my clients are requesting High-Def DVD delivery on Blu-ray. We can shoot in any format you request. We record your day digitally on top-of-the-line equipment. DVD is a great delivery medium, and Blu-ray is amazing -- the best commercially available high resolution media. The detail in Blu-ray will surprise you. Plus, if handled and stored properly, DVD is highly resistant to falling apart over time, unlike the older format VHS which has an estimated lifespan of between 20-30 years. PLUS, with Blu-ray DVDs, you have instant, high resolution access to any portion of your wedding day. High resolution DVDs are a great way to archive your digitally recorded event. By the way, below is a still from our HD VIDEO... and it's reproduced here at only 45% of the full resolution! Amazing quality of stills from the video is now possible.
Still image from Jewish wedding video in Los Angeles.  Enjoy!

I've been to weddings where the videographer becomes the center of attention. I hate that. Will you be intrusive and distracting?
I’ve also seen some terrible examples of distracting videography, so I understand your concerns.

In fact, it was because of the horrible examples that I saw as an assitant for other companies that I decided to focus my wedding business on making sure I didn't make the same mistakes!

Most commonly the bride and groom are so focused on their day that they notice nothing beyond themselves and the officiant. However, the audience’s experience is also crucial to take into consideration. Too often the videographers use bright lights and block the audience’s view, move in a distracting way, and use bulky equipment just to impress their clients and their clients' friends.

We refuse to do that. We use top-of-the-line high-sensitivity 3 chip digital broadcast quality video cameras -- some of the smallest high-end professional cameras on the market. These cameras specialize in capturing beautiful images even in low-light situations, so we don’t need to use bright video lights. I believe it's important to capture the memories on video, but it's equally important to protect the integrity and beauty of the event FOR THE GUESTS! During the ceremony and usually throughout the reception, we use NO LIGHTS, so as not to distract from the event. The resulting video will definitely surprise you, because we capture fantastic sound and amazing natural moments from family and friends that normally are lost to bright and intruding camera lights.

In addition, we use wireless microphones and totally portable and compact video systems that keep our work out-of-the-way and unnoticed.

I can put you in touch with many clients who said to us after the event, "How did you capture those details! I didn't even notice you!"
Here are some comments from past clients.

Call us, set up a meeting, and see samples for yourself. I'd also be happy to give you as many references to past clients as you like.
We'll show you our equipment and how we'll use it at your wedding.

My uncle volunteered to run a video camera for real cheap. What's wrong with that?
Just like you wouldn't have a friend shoot your portrait stills of your wedding day, you shouldn't trust a friend or family member with a video camera
. Before you take another breath, take a look at this eye opening survey.
INDEPENDENT SURVEY: Among brides who used a friend or family member to videotape their wedding, nearly half (49%) say they would hire a professional if they had it all to do over again!

The biggest problem I’ve seen regarding these free offers is that, assuming they remember to charge their batteries and record any video at all, the resulting audio is horible. Capturing good audio requires a high level of experience and technical equipment few people own or even know about. Without good audio it feels like you're listening to your wedding from the bottom of a deep well. And once you have bad audio, there is no way to fix it.

The second biggest problem is your volunteer will want to enjoy him or herself at your event and not be burdened with running the camera. They have great intentions at first but tend to lose focus on the job at hand and be distracted with the joyous day. A good professional is never distracted, will blend into the ceremony and celebration, and will miss nothing.

The third problem I’ve seen is that a nonprofessional family member or even a professional friend will be MORE intrusive rather than less. They don't have the experience to know how to get the best shots, to avoid getting in the way of the audience, and to politely maneuver through crowds to get the right angle. Even someone experienced with video but with little experience shooting weddings will have a lot of trouble getting the important shots.

I've even seen a tape where for half the ceremony the family member forgot to push record! Yep, I’ve seen it all.

Bottom line: Of course I want the job. And of course you want to save on your budget. However, six months from now, will you wish you saved money, or will you wish you recorded your special day of now fading memories? Survey of over 400 brides.

How will your videographers come dressed?

You mean you want us to be dressed in clothes? Well, OK... Seriously, I think it is crucial for my videographers to dress up for your event. The men come in a tuxedo or a suit and tie unless otherwise instructed by you, and the women will come in classy, modest, black top and bottom. Sometimes clients ask us to dress down due to the casual nature of their celebration. Feel comfortable to let us know your preference.

And if you have further questions, feel free to contact us anytime. Ask to speak to me personally.

David Notowitz
Owner, Notowitz Productions

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