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Dear David,
I first wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Ari and I watched the movie, and we watched it again, and... Last night we were glued to the screen. I never thought I could watch a wedding video so many times. I'm totally astounded. I was amazed at some of the shots you managed to get! Ariel and I are so thankful and feel so indebted. You're really incredible at what you do!!
Really Pumped,

PS Sorry for using so many exclamation marks, but it's from the heart!
--David & Ariel, 2010


That was so beautiful.
Thank you so much!!!
--Rebecca & Greg, 2011


Loved it. Absolutely loved it. Perfect. The only crying I did at my wedding was after I saw the highlight. I emailed the highlight to all our friends.
Yvonne & Uiva


Dear David,
Thanks a million. We are thoroughly enjoying the video -- especially Jack -- as he was so overwhelmed he didn't remember much.
Much love,

Dvorah & Jack, 2011


Nick and I just got back from our honeymoon, so we couldn't watch the video sooner. It is absolutely amazing! We both love it...
Thanks again! It is beautiful!!!”
Ilana & Nick

BEAUTIFUL!! We love it!!!

Thank you so much!
Jessica & Ezra


Thanks David. Great job! Fabulous. My mom was thrilled, and my siblings were thrilled to get the copies. I am just really proud I had that, and thankful you put so much effort into it because it was a wonderful gift for the whole family. So I just want to thank you and let you know how happy we are, and I’ll talk with you soon.
Caroline & Dan, 2011

Wow, what a video! It is truly what we were hoping for... I looked ALL OVER for a videographer that does your style... You guys are awesome! We continuously are getting comments about how professional your staff was... More than any other inquiry about the wedding, people have been asking us who we used for the video. Everyone was impressed at how "invisible" he was while still being virtually everywhere -- and they hadn't even seen the end product!
Thank you a thousand times! You have our whole-hearted endorsement (and gratitude). Thanks again. We're so happy! Blessings,
--Stacia and Robert, December 2007

First of all I want to express my deepest gratitude to you. Of all the gifts my wife received from me in our six years of celebrating our wedding anniversary, this one topped them all. The emotions she displayed when she opened the gift box was absolutely special. When she watched the video she couldn't stop sobbing (I did too...). Thank you so much for being able to meet my tight schedule and at the same time fulfill my wife's wishes and mine as well to make her happy one more time.
--Armond, August 2008

Both videos are *breathtaking* and so so so special. I am so glad you did our video.
--Rachel & Yanir, September 2006

At the end of the video there was not a mother or grandmother in that room who did not have tears in their eyes... Thank you once again for a stupendous video.
It was indeed the keynote event of the evening.
--Rabbi Sholom Tendler, November 2009

Absolutely LOVE the video! Thank you so much for doing such a beatiful job. We’ll definitely refer you to others in the future.
--Love, Grace & Gil, January 2008

Inspiring, uplifting, breathtaking... You have made us so happy.
--Joelle and Paul

Thank you for helping to make my parents' 50th an unforgettable event!
--Jennifer, January 2008

Now we have beautiful memories to last the rest of our life!
--Robert Klein, father of the bride, January 2006

Amazing... love the video... couldn't stop watching... And you were great to work with!!!!"

--Eben & Estee
regarding above quote: (A few years later, Eben said,
"It's our child's number one video to watch!)"

Oscar and I have watched our wedding video over and over and we laugh and cry every time! We could not have chosen a more perfect videographer to film our blessed event. Your editing is seamless and your instincts are incredible. You really got the core of us and you listened to what we wanted... many of our guests told us they had no idea they were being filmed... Thank you again! We look forward to future events that require your services!
--Dayatra & Oscar

Thanks for doing such a great job of capturing everything at the wedding.
--Chuck & Ricki

We are so pleased with the video!! We think it wonderfully captured the day and we are thrilled to show it to our parents... We love the highlights video!! It's great...
Thanks so much!!
--Eva and Justin, December 2007

“Everyone says it made them cry... It made me cry all over again!! You have no idea how much positive feedback [we have received]. ”
A&Z, 2009

"I really didn't want a wedding video, because at all the weddings I've been to, the videographer is in everyone's face, and everyone is saying stupid things. My mother insisted I get one, and I happened upon David Notowitz's website. David assured me that his videographers would be as unintrusive as I needed them to be -- and they were... we didn't even notice they were there! ... The care with which David edits, integrating music you pick yourself... made the video something my new husband and I love to watch. But the best reason to hire Notowitz Productions is the look Claude gave me when I walked down the aisle. I had been so nervous that I had completely missed the look of love and devotion on his face, and because of David Notowitz and his deft videographers -- and talented editing -- I have it forever."
--Taffy & Claude Brodesser-Akner

"We like the way you look at the world."
--Tova Marcos

An AUDIO message:
AIFF (Mac)
--Matt and Rebecca

Absolutely wonderful... you were
totally unobtrusive and the video is fantastic.
--Jennifer and Michael

The videos are beautiful... People have been raving about it... many cried when they saw it.
--Jill and Robert

Hiring Notowitz Productions was one of the smartest decisions we made when it came to our vendors. Our wedding video was absolutely beautiful... Without this piece of digital history our wedding date would be a fond memory. I can now relive our special day every time I watch it.

Thank you Notowitz Productions for doing such a lovely job!
--Serena & Walt

At the end of the video there was not a mother or grandmother in that room who did not have tears in their eyes...

Thank you once again for a stupendous video.  It was indeed the keynote event of the evening.
--Rabbi Sholom Tendler for MBY High School, November 2009

We received the video and it is fabulous and we love it!! We have already passed your name on to some other friends that we know are starting to plan a wedding!
--Stella and Eric

I've never seen such a great video. Really and truely!
--Mae, mother of the bar mitzvah boy

What a great job you did. Thanks for capturing all those beautiful moments for us to cherish forever!
--Chana and Dov

Melissa and I are SO HAPPY with your work...
you have
a special gift... Everyone who has seen our video was blown away, including us. You were able to capture the essence of the day in a way we have never seen...
--David & Melissa

It was a
smash... everyone loved the montage. People asked about it because they wanted one for their wedding.
--Larry & Leeaada

e love our video!!!!!!!!!!!! It is AMAZING. Can we be your wedding models? You videotaping stud you! Thanks Dave.
--Ben and Abby

Thank you again for the
incredibly wonderful photo slide show you created for our wedding. It was absolutely amazing and our guests were so moved by it! I can't stop replaying it in my mind.
--Laura and Sam

Spectacular! You have such an amazing touch... Everything you promised and so much more... What an incredible opportunity to relive the day!
--Julie and Jonathan

Hiring you was one of the best decisions we made in planning the wedding.
We LOVE the video... a treasure.
--Craig & Audrey

A great success. Even though I had seen the montage already three times, when it played at her bat mitzvah party I sat there and cried again. I am raving about you to all my friends.
--Mother of Rebecca, bat mitzvah

...the best video of its kind that we have seen for a long time... It was everything we hoped for!

Such a great video... just fantastic... I told everyone about you... just wonderful... It turned out even better than we thought.
--Donna Friedman

We watch the wedding video all the time.
It's the best one I've ever seen.
--Gayle Halfon

A great succes
s. Even though I had seen the montage already three times, when it played at her bat mitzvah party I sat there and cried again. I am raving about you to all my friends.
--Debbie & Jerrold

What a great job, David!! Thank you soooo much. This looks really great. I love it. You did a
great job. She is going to love it. Thank you!!!
--Justine Cogan

My wife was completely floored. Great job Dave.
John Hochman

I could tell that you were a trustworthy person who would put care into your work. You were very professional, and we’re very happy... awesome job.
–John Hochman

Please give us a call if you ever need any references.
—Robert and Erin

Thank you for the brilliant job you did -- it contains wonderful moments we will cherish forever!
--Yvonne & Stan

I wanted to make sure I thanked you for the wonderful wedding video...
If you ever need a recommendation or anything I'd be happy to share with anyone.
Thank you so much, we love the video and I appreciate your work and how fun you were to work with. Take care! :) jp

Your video was the
hit of the night!
--Pese Davis, Maimonidees

Loved everything!

I wish we had hired you for our son's wedding!

The video is fantastic! You did an
extraordinary job, David. Steve and I thank you so much.
--Steve and Monica

Dear David,
BRILLIANT ...we are so pleased. The way you shot the video was
like an Oscar winning movie... We actually have had 3 major screenings, intermission included... We kvelled the whole way through.

Simply awesome.
--Steve & Stacy

David, you videotaped our wedding like a beautiful documentary film, filling every shot with emotion and magic...
Our friends and family watched entranced through the video non-stop...
--Yisrael & Sharon [Brooks] Schwartz

We love it! Everyone commented to me that they had never seen such a hard-working videographer.
--Anne & Ed Kwun

You packed
care and genuine emotion into every shot. Thanks Dave!
--Dan & Dena

Thank you!!!
Great job
--Matt & Karen

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