Audio Forensics -- cleaning up bad quality audio and creating transcripts

When you have audio evidence and want to reveal the details of an event, separating and removing or suppressing the noise from the important content can be a delicate process. Our audio forensic process for clarifying audio may involve the following:

Forensic Transcripts from Audio Evidence, Better Than a Court Reporter

For audio evidence we can provide forensic transcripts in which we document our expert opinion about what is being heard on an audio track. This is more complete than transcripts provided by a court reporter, who often are required to leave difficult to hear audio labeled as "UNINTELLIGIBLE".

Identification of a speaker can be important to a case. In the case of audio, voice identification, or voice ID, may help vindicate a suspect or it may encourage a client’s attorney to settle a case. A standard court reporter might label a speaker as “UNKNOWN SPEAKER”, but a forensic audio expert creating a forensic transcript could be able to identify the individual and label the individual on the transcript — through either witness interviews, critical listening, or computer analysis.