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Los Angeles Wedding videos for Los Angeles and all California
Corporate video and promotional video that moves the heart.

Inspiring action.
Is your business ready to grow?
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Advertise your business on television
using inexpensive, newly developed technologies.

Pinpoint potential customers and lure them through your doors.

David Notowitz
• Efficiently target incomes, client profiles, geographic areas, and more

• Produce and air ads at incredibly reduced rates

• How cheap? Try $20-$45 per TV ad placement! That’s less than the cost of a business lunch! And these prices have remained steady for 15 years!

• Build credibility by sponsoring top quality national TV programs locally such as CNN, A&E, Discovery, CNBC, and many others

• Track results to build success
"In 10 months, our income doubled!"
–Joe Wargo, manager Numis International,
Millbrae, CA
Focused local cable advertising is one of the secrets for taking your business to new heights.

Call me personally to learn how this can work for you.
-- David Notowitz

We provide Emmy
award winning
video producers!
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In Los Angeles: 310-203-4721

As seen in the NY Times,
LA Times, and many others.
Notowitz Productions
Anything video.
Always first class.

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