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Officer Ivory Webb not guilty on all counts
(Fox TV, Los Angeles)

(Watch the end for special guest appearance!)

News anchors John Beard & Christine Devine announce not guilty verdict
Ivory Webb found not guilty on all counts after less than 2 hours of jury deliberation.

In this case, NCAVF in Los Angeles provided legal video and audio expert enhancement and analysis of the video and audio evidence for Police Officer Webb's defense attorneys. Notowitz is interviewed here by Fox TV in Los Angeles.

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David Notowitz is a well respected and court approved expert witness in enhancing, analyzing, and testifying regarding forensic enhancement of video and sound in nationally publicized court cases for police detectives, insurance investigators, defense attorneys, and criminal prosecution.

His testimony is proven to enhance a juries' understanding of video and audio related evidence. Call anytime for past business references and to see if forensic video, audio, and still image clarification and analysis services can help your case.

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