Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Get a clear letter of agreement with a video production company

Before doing any business with a video production company, you must get a clear letter of agreement outlining your project. This agreement will summarize your responsibilities as the client and the responsibilities of the video production house.

The Letter of Agreement is important because it forces all involved to clarify the needs, expectations, and scope of the video project.

In your first meeting with the video production company you should discuss:
1) Your reasons for wanting the video produced -- often my clients have multiple purposes in mind.
2) Your audience -- who will be seeing this?
3) The goals of the video -- how you want the audience to be affected.

After clarifying the above three areas, you are ready to discuss possible directions the video could take to achieve the stated goals and to have your desired affect on the intended audience.

It is very important to detail exactly what the videographer expects from the client and what the client needs from the videographer.

Your Letter of Agreement should include details of equipment to be provided, and a list of deadlines for writing the script, planning the shoots, number of days of production, and editing.

It should also deliniate the possibility for additional costs if initial production expands to exceed current budget.

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