Sunday, November 26, 2006


Tight video production deadlines - FTP to the rescue!

A fast turnaround demands careful planning.

Let's say you have an HD (High Definition) video shoot coming up Monday morning and you need the edited footage in your hand by Monday afternoon... but the shoot is in Los Angeles and you're in Singapore.

Can this happen?
The newest production tools, editing techniques, and internet file transfer technologies can get the job done, and within a reasonable budget too.

A great tool in your arsenal is transfering the HD files via FTP on a fast network.

Most importantly, as with every project with tight deadlines and new technology, test every step before the day of the shoot.

What video compression and decompression solutions ("codecs") are best these days? I have enjoyed working on the H.264 Quicktime format lately, but again, everything depends on your testing the process from start to finish prior to the day to prevent any unexpected glitches.

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