Sunday, November 12, 2006


Choose one employee or consultant to mediate the project

So, you're ready to initiate a video production. Who's going to manage it? Find one person within your company who will manage your project from start to finish, who will communicate with the video production company, giving feedback with a unified voice to the producer on behalf of all those who will have a say in the final product.

Your point person on this project will need to have the talents to gather feedback from different people within your company, sift through differing opinions, and coalesce all responses to give the production company one set of opinions, corrections.

What I've seen happen a great deal is that a company won't specify one person, and then as the project gets close to completion the video production company is getting various differing feedback and conflicting opinions about music and editing styles, and this can lead to a more expensive project as the video producer tries one version, is told by someone to change it, and then by another to change it yet again.

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