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Whether you join our below program or not, watch a free 4 minute tip above 
you can implement immediately to improve your communications!
There is a wall between you and your potential client.
It’s your computer screen.
Break through that wall using video effectively for new client intake and business development
During Concerns Over Covid and Far Into the Future: 
     • Dramatically Improve Efficiency
     • Connect Deeply with Potential Clients
     • Lead inspiring meetings
Go from being a good attorney on the phone to being a superpower using video!
Watch our program now
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Plus our 100% guarantee makes this a no way to lose deal!

In this one hour workshop, improve your law firm business development, your one on one video communications, and your group meetings by properly utilizing video conferencing technology and intake efficiencies. 

Learn specific tools and techniques we’ve been using successfully in our own businesses for many years...

... and we've never publicly shared this before.

David Notowitz has been working with video technology for 30 years, and Bill Gross has been working with attorneys, and advising them on developing and implementing efficient systems and processes for 18 years.

As Covid-19 swept over the world, all businesses were forced to find new ways to interact with clients using video. This new way of interacting with clients will continue far into the future. David Notowitz and Bill Gross have been using and teaching about these virtual office techniques for years and are ready to teach how multiple efficiencies can be brought to your law firms.

Take your business development and intake to the next level. Don't be left behind!

David Notowitz began his career producing and editing TV news, feature films, documentaries, and corporate video, and later founded the National Center for Audio and Video Forensics (NCAVF), a firm that consults with attorneys across the U.S. regarding audio, video, and cellphone evidence to be used during trial.
Bill Gross is a top producing real estate agent who over the past 33 years has coached hundreds of real estate sales people, mortgage professionals, and other small business owners on how to increase their production, and for the last 10 years has advised attorneys on how to improve their businesses.
Change how clients see you online.
Here Are What Others Have To Say About Learning From David Notowitz and Bill Gross...
"This Workshop Was a Wake-up Call! A Real Eye Opener to Work Your Goldmine!"
Diane Faber Mediation
This workshop was terrific! I learned a ton, both about the technology and the way to implement it. Bravo!
Attorney G Scott Sobel
Excellent, interesting, and informative.

Mr. Notowitz showed me how much more can be done with video!
Massey Kouhssari
Bill is a master sculptor. He helps you carve out the best version of yourself, by motivating you and showing you simple tools in the industry to break through your limits.
Why Do You Need This Class?
We've seen attorneys (and others) making all kinds of mistakes with their video technologies and losing out on business opportunities.
Bill and David believe that there is no better way, right now, to connect to potential clients than through the PROPER use of video technology, BUT many attorneys use the technology incorrectly. They will give you specific tips and suggestions to improve your communications.
Learn From The Experts...
David and Bill are experts in video production and running a virtual office, from automating new client intake to more advanced business development issues.
Specific tools to take your business forward
From proper eye contact to setting calendar meetings, you will be shown specific tools, tricks, and suggestions to take your video to the next level in multiple areas of your interactions with potential and current clients.
You can't lose because if you are not completely satisfied, you can get a full refund – no questions asked! Join us now!